Basic Handling Skills Test (BHST)

 The 4 stages of BHST, that each participant goes through were meant to show how much control and confidence handling a bike. It is not an easy task to complete. If you have never ridden a bike before in your life this will be a good kick start to learn the basic. However, do not expect you can pass the test on your first go! not even on the second!.

Most people make the test on the 6th hr training, but that’s just scratching the iceberg.
what I’ve learned from these lessons is that handling a motorcycle in itself, is a form of art. You can twist your wrist and tap through the gears as fast as you want. This won’t make you a good rider! like driving a car or playing video games if you do not know what you doing and do not invest in some time feeling the character of the motorcycle. You’re most likely not enjoy the task in hand.
Riding is as the naming indicates is to allow some space for the object to move with you in a rhythm motion that best fits your flow of control.
The more feel to it, the more control you will display.


Now after passing the test last month and getting my theory test sorted I can finally enjoy riding my Suzuki GN125H 2015 model. looks can be deceptive as this machine is a beauty see below.


Author: mojok1444

Middle Age Man... just discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle

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