My First Crash

Last weekend I’ve wanted desperately to ride my motorcycle after getting my Learner’s license. I’ve taken my GN125 for a 10km trip going on the motorway for the first time. Of course, this was done after I asked my wife kindly to drive behind me for some safety space from other vehicles. Before attempting this I’ve checked my tyres pressure, as I’ve only ridden a couple of times in the neighbourhood and they really needed some pumping up.

Riding on the motorway can be intimidating. This was also necessary as the next day I’m expected to ride with others on an urban commuter course for 4 hours. My 20km trip going back and forth was exciting and a good confidence boost even though I did not enjoy the headwind on my way back; it gave me a wobble or two.

The next day, I’ve slept well and kept dehydrated. Filled my tank and off I went on a Sunday afternoon. Made it to McDonald’s on Morehouse Ave where the assembly point was. After an hour of introduction and briefing we were ready to set off with four people exc.-instructor (Me and a 16 year and a couple on a scooter) the kid had the awesome Harley learner which was given to him by his Dad; who turns out was upgrading. The instructor riding an R1200RT-BMW gave us some comms to listen to his instructions. While taking turns leading the pack. The trip contained three major skills; The first was going through the city and being aware of our surroundings. The second stage was cornering while the third focused on U-turn and emergency brakes. I managed to do them all, but on the cornering course I swivel on a long right corner called (Roger corner) while riding on Old Tai Tapu Road, Christchurch went on the grass by the time I reached the bushes, I was too slow to make any damage to the bike and got knocked off on my back to the side (back strap absorbed the impact). So!! there you have it, my first crash ever on a corner… I’m the second to had crashed on it! and the corner got its name after number one. The story as Pete(the instructor) recalls it, that Roger from India kept riding on his overseas license for 5 yrs in NZ. The reason he could do that was as a surgeon he travelled a lot to Australia and every time he went he can ride on his overseas license for another year. This man decided after a while to buy a 650 triumph and crash it on this corner midway right straight into the mailbox tumbling all over the place.

We end the tour by practicing some U-turn and emergency brakes.

Author: mojok1444

Middle Age Man... just discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle

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