Commuting to Work

Holidays are just around the corner! and people get crazy and silly during this month! and commuting in traffic in rush hours is the dangerous move to do. Especially while rushing from work to shopping centres and back forward people get agitated easily.

Being a motorcyclist who just started commuting on a learner license will require patientness with extream carefulness.  Just keeping a distance from cars won’t do, you’ll need to always be in a position that will not give a car a chance to cross your path. And if this does happen! you’ve 😏 seen it coming miles away.

 During this season my Mum came to visit from overseas. And being protective like any other mother will normally do. she made it clear if it means seeing my bike getting stolen in order for her to have a peace of mind she will gladly be happy for that to happen !!!… guess this is what mother love is??

they get relief and happiness for my misfortune knowing I’ll be safer without a bike. LOL.

But as Us, bikers know 😏 it is not about the commute; it is not about doing something dangerous; it is about the freedom being able to do it and just go riding with the wind. lean with the corners and being flexible to take different paths and slow down at the right moment and go again.

I was lucky enough to find a good bargain for my bike. with the help of facebook market, an old ad spotted my eye and I messaged the owner who was more than happy to sell his bike + Gear all in one package. It turns out he bought a car so his loss was my gain.😊 this man was a father of two girls same as I; a lovely couple who even agreed to deliver to my home as at the time I didn’t have my learner license yet. So I was set to go with a high-quality gear and 2015 model that had 1600 Km on the clock the Suzuki GN125H bike cost me just 2K NZD with Gear. the rest of my budget went for registration and insurance and classes which top up to almost a price of buying 2016 GN125H model.


You guessed it… it is not cheap having a motorcycle but it is still cheaper than buying a car that’s for sure.

The cons are you can not always ride your bike in everyday weather conditions, and you need to make sure your tank is always full. not to mention registration are not cheap.

The pros are fantastic in traffic and great mileage on petrol.

Shiny little Suzuki GN125H parked at the office.

On my Birthday an action cam was given to me and the first thing I’ve done is try it out on the bike. I wasn’t sure where to mount it as I didn’t want to mount it on my helmet well not for now. so as an amateur please see below.

First Capture of SJCAM 10 plus


Author: mojok1444

Middle Age Man... just discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle

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