Embarrassing ride

As a new learner here; I remember my instructor telling me about showing confidence and control on your bike and be gentle enough to enjoy it. he told me this to save me any embarrassment when I go out and do my first gas fill or slowly follow a traffic jam.

The more you practice balancing the bike and showing control by relaxing your shoulders and tightening your core, the better and steady you look on a bike.  you definitely do not want to push your bike at the refill petrol station or have your leg go down when making a U-turn.

But yesterday I did something only a new person might do and that was leaving work in a rush and forgetting to turn the petrol valve open. Yup the Suzuki has a valve that switches between the main gas tank and the reserve one just in case you run out of gas! there is no light indicator that shows your tank is empty!! so it is best practice to always keep your tank full, when possible. when you leave your bike standing for long, it is also best practice to close the nozzle valve leading the petrol to the engine to prevent any overload petrol.

What happened to me is I’ve rushed out the office and quickly mounted my bike and off I went.  After passing the traffic light the bike started bouncing back and forth and slowing down. I was lucky, as one of my workmates was behind me and saw me having trouble so manage to keep traffic cars attention while I signal left and let the bike roll to the side path. Figured it out? and quickly turn the valve back to normal and went on… just to be reminded the next day by my workmate about the embarrassment on our last day work before Xmas. 😀




Author: mojok1444

Middle Age Man... just discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle

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