Living the dream

Take away nice houses and having a car. New-Zealanders are lucky enough to have a wonderful backyard of breathtaking scenery. beach bays and mountains with fresh water lakes and rivers pouring into the ocean. during the holidays, I was giving a book about kiwis bikers and their story with their bikes. from old to young; male to female, you name it, this book has different people all over the place. From famous and not so famous, from rising stars to just your normal Bob.

You Even get a policeman and believe me they go thru high intense training before hitting the road.

If you’re in Newzealand you will already know about the Bomb-low weather (Weather Bomb) that we had last week. This weather hit the far north of the south island with floods and winds up to 140 km/hr. Speaking of Winds my last ride did put some toll on my bottom back. which made me do some research on how to ride in the wind. most tricks were to lean the bike to the direction of the wind and to keep the elbow loss with loosening grip on the handlebar. as long you maintain a constant throttle you should be ok. if you are getting hit hard from one side, it might help opening your knee to the outside in the direction of the wind. this helps in destroying the wind pressure off the bike. positioning yourself a bit forward to the tank helps distribute your weight to both of your wheels. of course the lower you are on the road the better grip you will have like most cruiser bikes.

Bikerider magazine latest edition. Yes, I’m buying magazines Oh dear!!

Anyway, kids are screaming here so here are some short rides as it will be some time before I do another long one. Enjoy!!


Author: mojok1444

Middle Age Man... just discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle

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