Hibernation is over

This spring was off at a bad start as I dust off my bike and reconnect the battery to jump start into a warmer winter. After a long three months of hibernation, I’m back on the road preparing my self for the great tour of cornerstone riding to west coast, organise by a bunch of volunteers on bikes looking to raise awareness about depression. Depression can be pretty bad in this great country especially during winter time.

Riding my bike felt like my new learned skills had rusted and I needed to polish my skills again.

After xleaning my visor and using DIY shaving cream as a protective coating to prevent any fogging. I’ve took the little Suzuki for a ride to rangiora and back to Kaiapoi. At 17:00 Sunday afternoon I’ve did some figures 8 and practice in a closed round Street in front of Placemaker hardware store. This place was perfect as the street was wide and away from any traffic. After doing some U_turns and low speed balance to get a feel of my bike. A BMW X5 SUV came out from nowhere and passed me it’s unusual as the placemaker is closed and cars intend to use the parrallel road to this. The beemer made a U-turn and came back to stop right across me. This was no coincidence the man didn’t do any eye contact while I looked at him. He waited and waited so I ride and the street turned and I turned again to face the SUV still no eye contact but I can see both of his hands on the steering wheel and he is not making any calls so I did a U-turn and went behind the beemer and then I said to my self it’s getting dark I should go anyway and passed him. As soon as I left, the BMW X5 pull out and took off. Guess I wasn’t welcome for some reason!!

So the visor works perfectly the bike transmit gears smoothly guess I’m all set to start commuting to work and maybe just maybe get an upgrade by next year. 😏🤔

Author: mojok1444

Middle Age Man... just discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle

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