Learning Curve

Since I started riding and building my confidence back from my long hibernation. I’ve developed two things which I think every rider needs for improvement. First, anchor ⚓ yourself to the bike. the more you’re familiar with your bike the better decision you can make at a crucial moment. (what speed to corner and what angle to lean)

Secondly, adapt quickly to changes. This played a major role when one day I rushed out on my way home from work fully geared and noticed the grip felt lighter than usual and the clutch was so quick to release! it took me a moment to figured that I’ve left my gloves on the desk and I was riding bare-handed on the bike. ✋🏻

As my clutch handle was just tightened and no gloves the whole experience of slowing the bike down put me off balance. usually before stopping I’ll be in 2nd gear and slightly on the rear brakes but in this case, the bike just didn’t change smoothly and jerked. I had to keep it in 3rd gear which caused a funny incident of me scooter pushing with one leg the bike to give it the momentum speed from almost stop situation.

having my long trip seems have also raised the RPM above 2000 in an idle situation it should be just below. all this was managed and fixed once I got my glove back and tuned the throttle after adjusting the clutch handle tension.

Of course, if I’m going to add another it will be the Smith system of No – Accident check the video out.


Author: mojok1444

Middle Age Man... just discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle

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