Cornerstone Ride / Part-2

the-letter-that night, I’ve met two young men from Brasil who loved vlogging on Youtube. The channel was called “Gordo NZ“. You guessed it! it’s about motorbikes trips in New Zealand. the audience was intended for Brasilian at most. I had a good chat with him where he showed me his channel and some videos. I couldn’t see their bikes as it turns out they left them in order to get drunk and return with the shuttle but unfortunately for them the bar only excepts cash. The nearest ATM machine was about 32 minutes walk which is not ideal on a rainy day.


Later that night I heard they got picked up by the bikers who found them walking in the night to the nearest petrol station speaking of dedication to get drunk! not sure if they returned or not but I’ve certainly gone in early to check on my tent.



Then I met a nice lady who turns out to be singing that night within a local new band called “COLDROSIE” from hells road to summer 69 and guns&roses all night till midnight.

Coldroassie band

Anyway back to my sleepless night, I was very happy to wake up the other day and spot a rainbow at the horizon of the ocean.

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The sunlight just started to break through the mountains as the fog clears out. a nice view indeed to start my return ride back home collected my stuff put my tent back on the bike and said my fare well to my south african friend and off I went thru the ghost town up the hills no breakfast nothing enjoying the sunny weather on the west coast with stunning scenery!

Stop and took some pictures that were worth stopping for! I mean what the meaning of carrying a camera if you do not use it and being on a motorbike you have the convenience to do just that. to ride on your own terms and pace. I do recommend resisting any temptation to attack the corners because the last thing you want is to be in the middle of nowhere with a puncture tyre and no cell phone coverage to call for help.

Return home route

I really enjoyed my breakfast halfway thru at Arthur’s pass, had a nice chunky date scone with a cappa that warmed up my senses for the day.

Chunky Date Scone

At this place, two Italian stopped me before I hopped on my bike. Admiring the little Suzuki and its shiny chrome. of course being Italians, fans of the Ducati they really appreciate the trip undertaken on the little bike and admire how it managed to take on the ascending steep of Otari road. I’m proud of the little Suzuki as it’s reliability and lightness made this trip more enjoyable. powered by the tailwind on the way back it was a breeze to pass through the beautiful NZ landscape enjoying the music from my phone with still 85% to go on battery the Vimoto Bluetooth system had enough juice to listen to music on high volume all day long.


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