Hot summer

2017 Summary

It’s been a great summer here in NZ with a temperature reaching 30 degrees and expecting to get higher. I’m already noticing a lot of bikes on the road, and the ride to the beach is a must. Of course, when it’s hot and sunny the last thing that comes to your mind is gearing up for a ride, and believe me the sweat gets to you. I know having safety gears is a must but when you think about riding it’s not just going from A to B nor it’s what you ride that matters! It’s how the ride makes you feel and believe me nothing feels better than having the wind go thru your body on a hot sunny day. Not wearing your gear on! makes the riding experience totally different. The feeling of the breeze going through your head is on another level, of course, I’ll settle just having my short and shirt on for now as it’s illegal to ride without your helmet.

IMG_20180124_summer ride.jpg
Summer Rides

IMG_20180115_pine beach.jpg
Relaxing at the Pine Beach

It’s been more than a year since I started this journey and I’m really happy that I took this experience from admiring the victory to having my first run into the bush, to meeting great people on the way.

My highlight of 2017 and a milestone was going on my first group ride and staying over for one night while putting 1000km on the bike!! Seeing the remarkable landscape through fantastic routes had me enjoy every minute of it. short rides organised by like-minded people is also a big plus that I would like to never stop having from time to time. :).

The year 2017 for me was all about riding from port hills to coastlines to twisty roads! learning new tricks and installing heat grips and researching new ideas. having a motorcycle is a good hobby. I say hobby as it will never replace the luxury of having a car. the comfort, the safety and the lack of preparation needed when driving you just hop in and go.  Yes, cars are transportation vehicles while motorbikes are recreational vehicles you can have lots of fun on a bike and use it as a commute but you always need to have a mindset ready and prepared that whenever being on a bike it comes with its downfalls? one of them not able to take any unplanned extra packages, not able to just go anywhere at any time (Weather related), and not able to just park and forget (choose safe areas).  It’s been almost three months now on my bike every day so it’s been a blast but soon the summer season will be over and I’ll be dusting off my car unfortunate but until then I’ll enjoy whats left and just ride and ride where the sun sets/rise :D…


Daily commute everyday

I’ve burned the bridges as they say, no more driving!! I’ve put my registration on hold and on the bike all the time during this summer. This can be tricky, as you’ll always need to plan ahead. what gear to take? where to keep them? is it safe for your bike? what you need and don’t?

The major difference is petrol and travel time especially during rush hours. This is a fair trade off for all the hassle of caring all that gear around.