Got my restricted license

Motorcycle license

Last month I’ve done my restricted test and passed. 

So here is the bumblebee selfie pics celebrating the occasion.


So guess it’s goodbye for the Learner’s plate and a new chapter starts with new adventure to come. I do have some clips but no time to edit them. Plus the weather here in New Zealand changes dramatically we should be in Autumn but it had been raining continuously for 4 days with floods up in the North Island making some headlines. Yes I’m in the South Island where it’s colder and dryer. Specifically in Christchurch where we had a major earthquake back in 2010 destroying some parts of the city but since then lots of natural disaster events happened. The latest was the Port Hills fire that spread out for couple of days. That place was nice to cruise with twisty roads and the recently new adventure Park that got burned​. It will take some time to fix everything but we will manage to get things back if not better than before.

I’ll see if I can manage to upload some videos once I get the chance.

During the bad weather, I’m back driving my car and believe me nothing beats a warm car seat, windshield wipers going back and forth, warm Cappa drink and a radio. No need to worry about gearing up, slippery roads and wiping the visor. The convenience of relaxing in a wet day is amazing when driving a car not that I’ve tried riding in the rain on a motorcycle but I can imagine how uncomfortable and such a hassle it will be.

This made me install some heat grips on my bike just incase I do need them as the weather gets colder. It was a DIY which I enjoyed while listening to the Klein wireless speakers attached to my bike with it’s strong magnet.

Tip: slice the old grip along it’s length and keep it. This will be handy to use as a cable cover under your bike tank if you need to.