Test rides 2017 models

As my Suzuki GN125 is up for it’s 6K service. Yes within a year I’ve managed to put under my belt 4.5K. so while waiting I had to spend my time test riding the BMW G310r, G310GS and the Suzuki GSX 250.

Test riding the adventure bike

It turns out the handling of the beemer is easy and the bike feels perfectly balanced and safe with the ABS brakes.

I couldn’t feel a single pump on the road it was like I was floating on thin air!

Test riding the little beemer

The only issue I noticed in both beemers is the clunky sound it makes when you are on 2nd gear! It seems to hate going slow on that gear and you might stall the bike once or twice if you don’t rev it up.! The throttle is a bit lagging and loose but manageable. The breaking is hard to tell but the bike slows down magnificently before you really need to use them.

The difference between the two beemers is the height and how big the GS looks compared to the G310R. Of course the fun bike is the G310R no question. I couldn’t do a clutch-less shift on the GS! The dealer thinks the bike are quite new and needs at least 1K run before the gear box smooth in?

At the dealer

While testing the Suzuki GSX250 the gearing was smooth the throttle was snappy and responsive and the bike accelerates just fine. The only issue was the handling it felt like it resisted counter steering and doing a U-turn was like walking a bike around !!

Test riding

Once I got my lovely GN back yup I still love it why shouldn’t I ? It sounds better than the beemers and handling is better than the GSX and is economly the best of all three. The only downfall is high speed and acceleration which for city commute is just fine. 😍🀩😍

Sleeping beauty

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Middle Age Man... just discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle

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